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Children’s Dentist in Marysville, OH

young girl getting checkupEveryone knows that it takes a village to raise a child, and the staff at Montgomery Family Dental Care would love to help you bring up your children with our available children’s dentistry services. We see kids starting around their second or third birthday, which is enough time for their teeth to have fully grown into their mouth. If you notice any abnormalities with tooth growth before this age, contact our office to speak with us about the problems. Dr. Katie Montgomery is kind, patient, and has the best interests of your child at heart. She’s always available to help in your time of need.

Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

young boy doing thumbs upIt’s important to have your child’s teeth examined by a professional who is gentle and relaxed. This creates a welcoming environment that your child can trust from the start. During the first children’s dentistry appointment at Montgomery Family Dental Care, a member of our staff will take a digital image of your child’s mouth. X-rays provide us with the complete picture of how your child’s teeth are growing; that way, we’ll be able to foresee any complications. Our staff members can also show your child around the Marysville examination room and answer any questions that he or she may have. We do this to lessen the fright of a new situation for your child, and so that we may begin to build a trusting relationship.

After your child feels comfortable with their surroundings, one of our dental hygienists will count each tooth, check for cavities, and then gently cleanse your child’s teeth with a toothbrush. We’ll educate your son or daughter about the importance of dental hygiene. Studies show that the earlier dental hygiene habits are established, the better the chances are that great oral hygiene will be maintained throughout a lifetime. The Montgomery Family Dental Care team wants your child to keep their teeth forever! As your child grows older, we’ll perform standard deep general preventive dentistry cleanings, but that won’t happen until their molars grow in.

Dental sealants and fluoride treatments are important because they add an extra protection to the enamel of your child’s teeth. We provide both of these during children’s dentistry examinations at Montgomery Family Dental Care. Fluoride treatments will help remineralize the tooth, which reverses demineralization and decay. Dental sealants are painted onto the enamel of each adult tooth after your child loses all of his or her baby teeth, which helps prevent cavity-causing bacteria from entering the tooth.

Kids will be kids, so cavities are going to happen. Our staff is ready to repair your child’s smile by using a natural-colored resin composite to fill the area. The children’s dentistry team at Montgomery Family Dental Care prefers to use porcelain composite for cavity fillings because it lessens your child’s exposure to mercury. It also keeps their smile looking beautiful!

Our Marysville children’s dentistry office can also fit your child for an athletic mouthguard. Montgomery Family Dental Care will customize the mouthguard for your son or daughter – just make them an appointment today! You’ll rest easier knowing that your loved one has added protection while they play sports, and they’ll be happy that their teeth are protected from trauma.

Contact our children’s dentistry office to make your loved one an appointment today! We have extended hours so your child won’t have to skip school, and we file your insurance to save you the hassle. Montgomery Family Dental Care sees children from Urbana, Plain City, Richwood, and the surrounding communities at our Marysville, Ohio dental practice.