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Dental Crowns & Bridges – Marysville, OH

Custom-made Restorations for Healthy Smiles

Woman in white shirt smiling with a dental crown in MarysvilleEveryone experiences an accident from time to time, but unfortunately, it’s easy to tell you’ve had one when damage happens to your smile. Worse, it’s a blow to your self-esteem when one or more teeth are noticeably cracked, broken, or lost. Thankfully, Dr. Katie Montgomery can repair your injured smile with crowns and bridges at her Marysville, Ohio dental office. We want to return your confidence as we help you regain the health of your mouth! Our restorative dentistry staff at Montgomery Family Dental Care works hard to give you the help you need, so call our office today.

What are Dental Crowns?

3D image of a dental crown capping a prepared toothA dental crown is a dental restoration designed to cap or “crown” the entire visible portion of your tooth. We may need to use a dental crown when your tooth is too severely decayed, infected, or damaged for a dental filling. The only way to know if you need one of these restorations is to visit our office for an in-person appointment.

The Dental Crown Procedure

During your appointment at our Marysville dental practice, our restorative dentistry staff will first clean the affected area and remove any broken fragments of tooth from your mouth. Then, Dr. Montgomery will examine the fracture to evaluate whether or not it can be treated with a dental crown. After preparing your smile, she will take special images and impressions of the affected area, which are sent to a hi-tech dental lab. Using this information, they will match your dental crown to the exact size, shape, and shade of the rest of your teeth. While you wait, you’ll be given a temporary crown to maintain your appearance and chewing ability. Lastly, you’ll come back into our office, where Dr. Montgomery will ensure you’re happy with your final results before permanently placing your crown.

What are Dental Bridges?

3D image of a dental bridge getting placed on a smileIf you’re missing multiple teeth consecutively, a dental bridge in Marysville could be the perfect option. This is a prosthetic set of 1 to 3 teeth that literally “bridge” the gap in your smile. The most common type is a traditional dental bridge, which relies on crowns on either side of the gap in your smile for supports. However, bridges can also be placed with dental implants on either side, eliminating the need for dental crowns.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

The staff at Montgomery Family Dental Care can schedule an appointment for you to come by our office after you lose a tooth. Dr. Montgomery will make sure that you’re a good candidate for a dental bridge and then measure and fit your smile for the appliance. Usually, we must prepare your surrounding teeth to accommodate the dental crowns that will support your bridge. Once this is done, Dr. Montgomery will take impressions, which are used to create your personalized dental bridge. She will make sure that you’re happy with your final results before permanently placing your dental bridge.

Aftercare for Bridges & Crowns

Man brushing his teeth while looking in the mirrorYou may experience some slight soreness, but this will go away after a few days. During the first 24 hours, try to avoid extra hard foods and chewing on the side of the affected area. If we prescribed medication, take it as directed. Additionally, be sure to maintain your dental hygiene by brushing and flossing. The adjustment period for crowns and bridges is incredibly short, but if you do experience any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact our office!