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Dental Crown & Bridges in Marysville, OH

implant bridgeEveryone experiences an accident from time to time, but unfortunately, it’s easy to tell you’ve had one when damage happens to your smile. Worse, it’s a blow to your self-esteem when one or more teeth are noticeably cracked or broken. Thankfully, Dr. Katie Montgomery can repair your injured smile with crowns and bridges at her Marysville, Ohio dental office. We want to return your confidence as we help you regain the health of your mouth! Our restorative dentistry staff at Montgomery Family Dental Care works hard to give you the help you need, so call our office today.

Dental Crowns

woman in yellow smilingDuring your appointment at our Marysville dental practice, our restorative dentistry staff will first clean the affected area and remove any broken fragments of tooth from your mouth. Then, Dr. Montgomery will examine the fracture to evaluate whether or not it can be treated with a dental crown. A crown serves as the protective covering at the top of your tooth, and if the root of the area is intact, we’ll be able to fit you for one. Dr. Montgomery will take notes on the size, shape, and general coloring of the rest of your teeth. She’ll send these notes to a certified ceramist who will create the crown so that it matches very closely and blends in with the rest of your smile. You’ll be surprised to see that your friends and family don’t even notice!

Dental Bridges

illustrated bridgeAfter an incident results in the loss of a tooth, the rest of the teeth along the gumline start to slowly shift to fill in the space. Over time, your bite will begin to permanently change for the worse because this movement will alter the alignment of your teeth. As your pearly whites try to compensate for the hole in your smile, it will actually form more gaps when the teeth shift inward. This will make it much easier for food particles and bacteria to become trapped in your mouth, which creates a hazard for your gum health. To combat this effect, Dr. Montgomery can also fit you for a dental bridge at her Marysville, Ohio dental practice.

A bridge is a dental prosthetic made to fill the gap in your grin left behind by one to three missing teeth in a row. Crowns are then used to attach the dental bridge to your existing teeth. The staff at Montgomery Family Dental Care can schedule an appointment for you to come by our office after you lose a tooth. Dr. Montgomery will make sure that you’re a good candidate for a dental bridge and then measure and fit your smile for the appliance. After its creation, we’ll attach it and restore your full smile!

Call us today to schedule your appointment. Montgomery Family Dental Care serves dentistry patients from Urbana, Plain City, Richwood, and the surround communities at our Marysville, Ohio location. Dr. Montgomery has experience providing those in need with dental crowns and bridges, so don’t hesitate!