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Delta Dental Insurance Provider in Marysville

Smiling man in dental chair giving thumbs upWe know our patients rely on dental insurance to ensure their family’s dental health care fits their budget. At Montgomery Family Dental, we are dedicated to offering patients affordable, comfortable dental health services. Katie Montgomery, DDS and her Marysville dental team offer in-network dental coverage for a wide range of benefit providers, including Delta Dental. If you’re a Delta Dental benefit plan member, we will be happy to help you evaluate your plan, answer any questions you have about your coverage, and process and file claims. Call our team any time with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Breakdown Your Dental Benefit Plan

There are two main forms of dental insurance plans – preferred provider organizations (PPO) and health maintenance organizations (HMO). HMO plans have lower premiums (monthly payments), but they also have more restrictions on what dentists you can visit and what dental services you can receive. PPO plans may have slightly higher monthly premiums, but they allow patients more flexibility in choosing their dental care provider and treatments. Most Delta Dental benefit plans offer the following coverage:

  • Preventive care is typically covered at 100%
  • Minor restorative services like fillings are typically covered 80%
  • More advanced treatments usually receive 50 to 75% coverage
  • Cosmetic services and dental implant placements aren’t typically included in benefit plans

Why You Should Visit an In-Network Dentist

For Delta Dental PPO plans, an in-network provider will be able to offer maximum coverage. In-network providers have agreements with dental insurers that they will charge the fees outlined as fair and average by the insurance company. That means you’ll only have to pay the out of pocket cost for your percentage of treatment and not a cent more. If you visit an out of network provider, they can charge any fee for services, and your dental insurer will provide their percentage of the cost of treatment for their fair and average pricing. That means you’ll be required to cover the difference in the insurers fair pricing and whatever fee the out of network dental office charges. In many cases, this is a negligible difference, but years of out of network coverage can add up. Our team is proud to be in-network with a variety of insurance plans including Delta Dental.  

Maximize Your Benefits with Biannual Checkups

By visiting your dental office twice a year for dental checkups, you’ll make the most of your dental insurance coverage and avoid advanced dental health concerns. The majority of Delta Dental plans cover preventive dentistry appointments 100%, so your dental checkups and teeth cleaning appointments will be completely covered. During these appointments, we’ll also have the opportunity to evaluate your smile and prevent more advanced oral health concerns that will require care covered by insurance at lower percentages. Keeping up with your biannual dental checkups allows our team to partner with you in maintaining healthy smiles, and we’re able to stretch your budget.