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Dentures & Partials in Marysville, OH

denture in a cupWhen you’re faced with tooth loss, the emotional stress can be exhausting. Your self-esteem can suffer greatly when you’re trying to decide what tooth replacement option would be the best choice for your needs. Dr. Katie Montgomery is a compassionate dentist who is prepared to help you through this trying time. Our Marysville, Ohio staff will treat you gently as we work with you to find the solution that fits best. Come by Montgomery Family Dental Care to find out how we can improve your life and your bite today!

Dentures and partial dentures from Dr. Montgomery can be fitted to prevent embarrassing moments like slipping or slurring during speech. Although dentures of the past were awkward and didn’t provide the security patients wanted in their bite, today’s dental technology helps us measure you for a dental prosthetic that’s crafted to fit only your mouth! Nightmares of awkward one-size-fits-all dentures are a thing of the past, so rest assured that yours can be created to match your individual needs and look at Montgomery Family Dental Care. Dentures and partial dentures also provide the support your facial muscles need. Without teeth, your cheeks begin to sag inward, giving you an aged appearance. Our prosthetics can give you the necessary support to keep your face looking as young as ever!

Dentures are also an option if you’re facing extractions of all the teeth in the upper or lower (or both) gum line. These rely on suction (and perhaps a little dental adhesive) to stay in place and remain secure in your mouth. Partial dentures available as well to replace one to three teeth in a row; they are clipped to strong teeth that lie on either side of the gap. Both of these prosthetics are removable, which allows for more thorough cleanings. You’ll simply take out your dentures or partial denture, clean it with a normal toothbrush, and soak it overnight in a glass of water. For a deeper cleanse, denture-cleaning tablets can be added to the cup. Dentures and partials from Dr. Montgomery are strong enough to match your lifestyle as well, so you won’t have to sacrifice your favorite foods!

Dr. Montgomery fits patients for customized dentures and partials from her Marysville, Ohio office. We also serve dentistry patients from Plain City, Richwood, Urbana, and the neighboring areas. Our restorative dentistry staff can’t wait to help you regain your smile and your confidence, so contact our office today. We practice sedation dentistry and can help you if you’re apprehensive about visiting us for a dentures or partials procedure! Contact us today to schedule your first visit.