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Porcelain Veneers in Marysville, OH

woman laying back in orange exam chairDo you have chips, stains, or other flaws lurking in the enamel of otherwise healthy teeth? Having visible blemishes on your teeth can be a hit to your self-esteem. To help you rebuild your self-confidence, Dr. Katie Montgomery offers porcelain veneers for her cosmetic dentistry patients! Our nonjudgmental Marysville staff at Montgomery Family Dental Care is excited to help enhance your appearance.

What are porcelain veneers?

woman with porcelain veneersPorcelain veneers are shells of ceramic that are fabricated to be extremely thin, so they slip right over the front of your teeth! Although fragile china comes to mind when somebody says ‘porcelain’, they’re anything but. Porcelain veneers are made from more durable materials than natural enamel. This cosmetic dentistry solution from Dr. Montgomery is made to last, so form won’t take precedence over function. Veneers are made to endure the wear and tear of the day as you eat, drink, and brush normally.

The Porcelain Veneers Treatment Process

perfect smileFirst, you’ll arrive at our Marysville, Ohio location for your porcelain veneers appointment. Dr. Montgomery will want to make sure that veneers are the right choice for you. Once you’re cleared to receive a porcelain veneer, we’ll record the size, shape, and color of the other teeth in your mouth. This way, we’ll be able to send the notes to a certified ceramist, who will handcraft your veneer. Our notes will help them create a porcelain veneer that blends perfectly into your smile. However, veneers don’t whiten like your teeth do, so if you want to receive teeth whitening treatments from Dr. Montgomery, have that performed prior to your veneer consultation.

After our office receives your customized veneer, we’ll call you right away to have it placed. Porcelain veneers are affixed to the front of existing teeth with a simple dental bonding composite. Dr. Montgomery will make any adjustments necessary, and you’ll be on your way with your new, improved look! Our cosmetic dentistry team can’t wait to see the results of your enhanced grin!

Dr. Montgomery fits porcelain veneers for patients from Richwood, Plain City, Urbana, and the surrounding communities from her Marysville, Ohio practice. Don’t hesitate to contact our office today to schedule your appointment. We understand how negatively you tend to view yourself when you’re insecure with your smile, which is why we’re ready to help you take pride in your grin with porcelain veneers. Our office has other cosmetic dentistry solutions to help you boost your image too!