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Sedation Dentistry in Marysville, OH

woman sleeping peacefullyIf you’re like most people, you probably don’t get all jazzed up for a dental examination. In fact, many people have a deep-seated fear of the dentist. Some patients even skip their dental exams because they’re too afraid to make an appointment. If this apprehension applies to you, talk to Dr. Katie Montgomery at Montgomery Family Dental Care. She can provide sedation dentistry for your needs and to help alleviate your worry.

How can sedation dentistry help me overcome my anxiety?

dentist giving checkupOver the years, dentists everywhere began to realize that people would let their oral health fall to the wayside because the prospect of attending regular dental examinations was too much for them to handle. To prevent patients from allowing their teeth to decay and compromise their oral wellbeing altogether, dentists began to provide sedation dentistry to create a relaxing atmosphere. Dr. Montgomery isn’t willing to let your oral health worsen and has embraced the use of sedation dentistry to calm her more troubled patients.

You’ll first call our Marysville office and explain your concerns; Dr. Montgomery will be able to prescribe an oral sedative for your needs. You’ll just need to swing by Montgomery Family Dental Care a few days ahead of your scheduled appointment time and take the prescription to your preferred pharmacy to be filled. Your pharmacist will be able to inform you of the specific requirements of your prescription, but generally, you’ll take your medicine a few hours in advance of your scheduled exam time. Erase your fears and allow your trusted general dentistry team to take care of your needs while you relax.

Attending dental exams has never been easier! Sedation dentistry has provided comfort to countless patients; why not experience what we can offer? Calling our Marysville, Ohio team and explaining your needs should be the most nerve-wracking part of your Montgomery Family Dental Care experience with the use of sedation dentistry. Dr. Montgomery has lots of experience providing this service to her patients.

Sedation dentistry is available for all patients who need assistance combating their anxiety. The staff at Montgomery Family Dental Care can only support your needs if we’re aware of them, so call our office today with any concerns you have. Dr. Montgomery loves to assist patients, so don’t worry about being criticized for displaying your worry. Our sedation dentistry team is more than happy to help you in your time of need. After you experience the relaxation of sedation dentistry, you’ll surely want to undergo some of our other dental services! We provide dentistry to patients from Richwood, Plain City, Urbana, and other Ohio locales at our Marysville, Ohio practice.